Basic Course: One of the most important thimngs in the course is strengthening the bond, (more) focus of attention and thereby learning to ignore distractions. For dogs of ± 15 to 16 weeks, but certainly also for all adult dogs. In order to be able to offer customization, there are separate theory and practical lessons and the character and needs of each dog are always examined per lesson, so that we can optimally respond to this during the lessons.

We always work in groups of max. 6 dogs and we train without punishment.

The Basic Course is an intensive, instructive course with a duration of 3-4 weeks in which you receive lessons 3 times a week (1 x theory, 2 x practical). In the 4 extensive theory lessons, a lot of knowledge is shared with which undesirable behavior can be prevented, or tips and advice are given on how to tackle this if you want to work on it. As a result, you will be well prepared for the 6 practical lessons. We provide insight into dog behavior and our reward-oriented training method, so that all dogs (and of course also the owners!) can learn enthusiastically and with pleasure.

The 'standard exercises' such as sit, down, wait and stay are not so much the end goal as the means. The emphasis on ignoring distractions and reinforcing the bond, teaching the dog to walk without pulling and focusing all attention on the owner rather than the environment.

In addition, extra attention can also be given to problem-causing behavior such as: aggression towards dogs or people, whether or not on the leash*, running away, pulling on a leash, etc., but also not chasing horseback riders or bicycles, separation anxiety, barking at the doorbell or fear of fireworks.

* if this is the specific behavior you would like to work on, please state it when you register.

Included is the digitally supplied teaching material and the associated reports with which progress can be tracked, a clicker and of course a certificate at the final lesson.

The practical lessons are 2 x per week see schedule


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